Adhesive solutions to any applications

Before to produce tailored adhesive tape, our technical team make test to identify the best product to satisfy your requirement. This allow us to submit you the best solutions


Tapes and double coated tapes find their natural end in structural application, mainly, inside the vehicle. The right carrier and adhesive, allow to fix insulating materials, fabric, leather, plastic and composite materials components.


A complete range of hypoallergenic tapes with specifics use and transdermal specifics. Furthermore, we have design and we produce a self adhesive surgical mask without rubber bands, tested and certified under CE directive in class I – type IIR.

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A full range of adhesive tapes, reflecting – diffusing films and membrane porose materials. From the thermal dissipation with special conductive tapes, to the light source management with direction emission control, till vent air transmission, assembling and sealing.


A complete range of adhesive solution to satisfy many industrial applications. We define, by our laboratory test, the best carrier and adhesive under specifics conditions. Using adhesive tapes it’s possible to joint different surfaces as metal, composite materials, plastics, wood etc. etc. with high temperature and outdoor resistance. We can also supply surface protective films to preserve your products during each process or metallic tape as aluminum or copper tape.


We supply to graphics industry adhesive tapes in customized size sheets. To choose the right adhesive is mandatory in this market but thanks to our long-time experience, we are able to suggest the best products with specifics features to satisfy each necessity.

For your fastening needs,
rely on the quality of resistant and
guaranteed adhesive tapes

For your fastening needs, rely on the quality of resistant and guaranteed adhesive tapes

Contact our technical department to receive support and find your right adhesive solution.