Medical tape

Adhesive tapes, for medical sector, are made with skin-friendly adhesive suitable for skin contact and, depending on the type of glue and substrate used, can allow also the dermal transmission of the active ingredients present in their composition. They are processed in our headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni, near Milan, inside an aseptic and climate-controlled chamber that guarantees the healthiness of the product.


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Self adhesive mask

Love-Breath is an adhesive mask that sticks to the face without the use of elastics. It offers firm but delicate hold thanks to a special skin-friendly adhesive that does not irritate the skin, even after prolonged contact.
A good fit is guaranteed by a central extending element that makes it possible to adapt the mask perfectly to the face, without sticking to the skin and mucous membranes when inhaling. It is ideal for anyone who wants to breathe freely, without forgoing safety and high levels of protection.
The absence of elastics makes Love-Breath the perfect mask to use when wearing glasses or other devices such as, for example, hearing aids or diagnostic tools (e.g.: stethoscopes).

Medical tape

Download the data sheet of the medical tapes available in the catalogue, or contact our technicians to request a laboratory test and find the most suitable hypoallergenic adhesive tape for your specific application.