Conversion capabilities

In addition to carrying out laboratory test  to identify the material and adhesive suitable for each application, we process non-adhesive materials and transform them into films and adhesive tapes suitable for your application.

Here our processing procedure in brief:

Laboratory test
Each project begins with laboratory tests that allow us to identify the most suitable tape and adhesive for the materials to be jointed and the intended use of the finished products. Inside a laboratory created in collaboration with the Department of Physical Sciences of the University the atmospheric conditions and temperature that materials supplied by the customer will have to support, are recreated. Different substrates and glues are tested to create the tape with the best performance.
After identifying the most suitable support for the application, we proceed with the cutting of the material. Rolls of paper, foam, cotton or other materials arrive at our location and are cut in size to create the suitable dimension for their end use.
Materials supplied or identified by our technical team are laminated with calenders on one or two sides with the right adhesive tape. This is the most delicate phase of our work. To obtain an optimal result it is necessary to choose the most suitable glue for the type of application, but above all to spread it evenly and with the right pressure over the entire surface. Only in this way will the adhesive product obtained be able to fully meet the needs of our customers.
Die cutting
If necessary, rolls of adhesive tape are die-cut, guillotined or convert into sheets to make it faster and easier to apply. The die-cutting takes place with cutting tools created ad hoc for each customer, so that, during the application of the tape on the final product, it is much easier to remove the liner. In addition, thanks to the die-cutting, it is possible to obtain portions of adhesive tape with the perfect size for the space available on the finished product, increasing the positioning accuracy of the tape itself and reducing assembly times.
Laser cutting
Processing by Laser cuts, with very high precision, of shape very difficult to achieve by die-cutting or standard cutting. The creation of prototypes, pre-series and the versatility of this technology open new frontiers in conversion and usability of the product made.
Our production process is controlled at every stage and has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification which ensures quality controls throughout the production chain.

Are you looking for
adhesive tapes that stand up
to your application specifications?

Are you looking for adhesive tapes that stand up to your application specifications?

Contact our technical department and evaluate the most suitable adhesive solution for your needs.